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Virtual Cash Controllers (VCC’s) are popular devices used in many print management scenarios in conjunction with print management software such as PaperCut. Each VCC can be configured to act as a print release station to one or more printers, or connected directly to a single MFD. In both configurations, the VCC may (optionally) provide print release, print charging and job tracking. When directly connected to a MFD the VCC may also be used to provide tracking and charging for walk-up copying.

Using a VCC as a print release station with PaperCut requires just a power point and network connection to operate. Connecting a VCC to a MFD requires an additional cable that connects the VCC to an interface controller (sometimes called a Bear Pod or EPSV kit) on the MFD. If you are planning on connecting a VCC to a MFD then it is important to ascertain that your MFD provides steering line information through an interface kit and that such a kit is included with your MFD.

Alpha Touch Screen Controllers

A more advanced version of the VCC, the Alpha Touch Screen Controller provides all the functionality of the VCC but with a larger display and a touch screen interface in lieu of the buttons provided on the VCC.

If you’re using VCC’s for print release then we strongly recommend the Alpha Touch Screen Controllers be used because of the extra job information that fits onto the larger display.

VCC’s provide an alternative to the embedded interface provided by products such as PaperCut, which run directly on the MFD and are accessed through the MFD interface. VCC’s are superior to embedded interfaces in many situations, providing a consistent and easy-to-use interface for print management, particularly:

  • If you have multiple MFD brands or models then VCC’s can provide a consistent interface across all devices.
  • If you have older or low-end devices that don’t allow an embedded interface.