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The SmartLoader Kiosk manufactured by Monitor WA is a sturdy, PC-based touch screen payment gateway. The SmartLoader software, also developed by Monitor WA, provided with the Kiosk allows integration into a wide range of systems and allows users to query their account funds, add funds to their account or transfer funds between various accounts.

The Kiosk hardware is modular in design and may include

  • Coin readers

  • Note readers

  • EFTPOS terminals

  • Receipt printers

  • and more...

Similarly, the software is designed to allow sites to enable the features that are required for their situation and hide any unnecessary functionality from the users to provide the simplest, cleanest interface possible.

Our Kiosks have a reputation for being reliable and easy-to-use, and are currently used in schools, universities, hospitals, libraries and all kinds of environments with users ranging from staff to the general public.